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Maybe most of you will have this question when you see this title. What is IEN? The full name of IEN  is “Intelligent Eco Networking“. From the name alone, it is probably a kind of  network architecture systems. “Intelligence” indicates that there should be feedback and adjustment. “Eco” can infer that there should be components interacting with each other. The above is probably all the information we can get from the name, but it is still very vague. In order to have a better understanding, then let me introduce it for you from its background and definition.


With the increasing computation and communication in the age of Big Data and IoT, traditional network architecture is unable to adapt to today’s social and economy ecosystem. This incompatibility is reflected in all aspects from network physical infrastructure devices to network software applications.

  • Traditional network infrastructure devices are bundled with the functionality it provides, which lead to inefficient, costly and inflexible deployment of new network services.
  • Address-based packets delivering service provided by TCP/IP is insensitive to content, making it complex and inaccessible to content that users need.
  • Traditional network has poor perception of the network environment, which makes it impossible to quickly and intelligently take effective traffic control measures when network environment changes.
  • In the era of the Internet of Everything, various IoT devices with different performances are connected to the Internet, which makes the complexity of the network scene far more than the concept of original designers.

The emergence of some technologies has attracted people’s attention. ICN and NDN  enable the network to perceive the content more granular; NFV and SDN  provide more flexible network traffic control measures; Cloud computing and edge computing offer users elastic computing and storage resources; Blockchain ensures data security with a decentralized consensus framework. Blockchain over ICN can implement a simplier and more straight-forward decentralized system, and the BlockNDN can improve effective use of weak connectivity, reduce broadcasting overhead and increases network efficiency. However, there is still no a network system that can integrate these technologies well.

A new network system which could handle these problems is wanted. The goal of IEN is to establish a prosperous mutual-contributed and mutual beneficial knowledge-oriented networking industry ecosystem by comprehensively measuring the cost and gain of storage, computing and network resource, and integrating decentralized consensus trust preservation and tokenized fine-grained access control and allocation mechanism of blockchain.

With all the mentioned, we have a roughly  knowledge about the requirement and goal of IEN. And in addition, It will be better to understand with the detailed definition of IEN.

Difinition & Conclusion

Intelligent Eco Networking (IEN) aims to gradually evolve to be an advanced infrastructure for future Internet of intelligence which treats valuable knowledge as the first-class entity, motivated by data exchange, manipulated by artificial intelligence, based on the approaches of software defined, virtualized and programmable devices, additionally by comprehensively measuring the cost and gain of storage, computing and network resources, it also integrates decentralized consensus trust preservation and tokenized fine-grained allocation mechanism of blockchain to establish a prosperous mutual-contributed and mutual beneficial value-oriented networking industry ecosystem.

Intelligent Eco Networking
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