Intelligent Eco Networking

Intelligent Eco Networking (IEN): an Advanced Future Internet of intelligence for Digital Social Economic Ecosystem

Abstract: Intelligent Eco Networking (IEN) aims to gradually evolve to be an advanced infrastructure for future Internet of intelligence which treats valuable content data as the first-class entity, motivated by data exchange, manipulated by artificial intelligence, based on the approaches of software defined, virtualized and programmable devices, additionally by comprehensively measuring the cost and gain of storage, computing and network resources, it also integrates decentralized consensus trust preservation and tokenized fine-grained allocation mechanism of blockchain to establish a prosperous mutual-contributed and mutual-beneficial value-oriented networking industry ecosystem.Published in: 2018 1st IEEE International Conference on Hot Information-Centric Networking (HotICN)

IEN proposes a concept of valuable Knowledge Data . Generally, data with certain meaning can be interpreted as information. In order to build a fair and reciprocal network economy, IEN focuses on the value of the information itself for economic settlement, rather than data flow originally. Valuable content data has three main characteristics:

1. A variety of different expressions (data from different IoT devices utilize different encoding methods or compression formats);

2. Approved value system for recognition and maintenance ;

3. Directly used for transactions . Value maintenance and circulation of the cross-value system can be guaranteed since valuable content data itself is a transaction object. Exchanges of data and will be the key to innovation in the scaling and more mature stage of digital transformation.

Intelligent Eco Networking
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