About JChain

JChain by definition means the“Knowledge Driven Networking” Infrastructure with Blockchain Decentralized ID(DID) Athentication and Authorization

Most Internet data distribution schemes realize secure sharing within cloud (domain) through data privacy protection technology based on cryptography, but this centralized management mode still faces the risk of catastrophic leakage of single point of data. Centralized architecture scheme can not guarantee absolute data security, once the occurrence of data leakage will cause serious consequences. In the data breach of facebook in 2008, the data of more than 50 million users was abused, and such centralized large data platform how to avoid data being cleaned or stolen after the system level attack and intrusion.

At the same time, more and more stringent data privacy protection regulations of governments are also regulating data security and privacy protection. In 2018, the eu formally introduced the GeneralDataProtection Regulation (GDPR), which clarified the security of users’ personal information and made strict provisions for enterprises to process personal data. How can compliance, safe distribution of data in an open environment become a key technical challenge for regulators and for identifying and protecting data rights

In the open Internet environment, the “Jchain” technology solution can solve the transmission and exchange of cross-domain Shared network data in the open communication channel, such as access chaos, unauthorized access, information leakage and other problems. It is an important means to protect data privacy to identify users, record and monitor the authorization behavior of users and the authorization behavior of data sources and processors in a fine-grained and semantic way, and ensure the compliance and legality of data access control process. Using distributed authentication and authorization to establish access control mechanism and improve the reliability of single point by distributed consensus decision can protect network data privacy more effectively.

Research on network data security transmission and privacy protection technology based on blockchain authentication authorization can provide a solid and reliable theoretical basis and technological breakthrough for future Internet scientific and technological progress.

IEN-"Intelligent Eco Networking"